Grassroots Political Consulting LLC : in a nutshell

We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction with a proven track record of success (rated as top lobbyists in 2020, 2021 and 2022) by The Hill). GPC LLC is a bipartisan firm providing niche and effective approaches for advocacy, grassroots organizations, associations and corporations for both domestic and international clients. These services are available both in Washington, D.C. (Capitol Hill) and Brussels (European Parliament and Commission). In addition, we provide a variety of services for political campaigns. Effective representation and strategic solutions are provided with competitive pricing, strong representation and innovative strategies specifically tailored to the needs of your corporation, organization, association or campaign.

Grassroots organization, coalition building, campaign management, technological and mobile solutions, issue advocacy and bipartisan lobbying are at the core of the services we offer. Our company has built a strong global reputation from offering creative and innovative ways to accomplish the goals of our various clients, creating and implementing “outside the box” solutions.

Services we provide:


Bipartisan lobbying


Issue advocacy


Technology & mobile solutions



Grassroots organization


Coalition building


Campaign management

About Grassroots Political Consulting

Grassroots Political Consulting LLC has represented a variety of boutique political, corporate, policy and advocacy projects. Our firm is bipartisan, has the capability and experience of both representing international clients on Capitol Hill (FARA) and in the European Parliament and Commission. Our philosophy is to enable start-up companies, domestic and international organizations, trade associations and political campaigns alike to have effective and efficient solutions, without being cost-inhibitive. We believe in maximizing the value of what you may need to be accomplished, and will hand-tailor arrangements based on your needs and capabilities.

Effective Representation in Government

Bipartisan representation (state, federal  and international) for grassroots advocacy on behalf of trade associations, economic development, foriegn policy, health care, energy, corporate and FARA-registered projects for companies such as Alliance for Affordable Services, Alliance for Health Care Sharing Ministries, Amerivita Home Care, Anwar Soura General Contracting Company LTD, ARChumankind, AttWill Medical Solutions, Avicena Systems Ltd., Comet Media, ReAlta Life Sciences, Inc., Revive Therapeutics, The Raceway Park, Fiber Technology Corporation, Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy, IIMSAM, Isogent, Mobil Alerts, Levant Suez, Khalifa Hifter (LNA), Southern Transitional Council (STC), Mea Nursery, HSA Coalition and Medi-Share.


Strategic Solutions for Political Campaings

Campaign management, strategic consulting, issue advocacy, grassroots organization and coalition development are a few of the essential solutions we offer to political campaigns. We have performed these activities in the United States, as well as internationally in the Middle East and European Union Parliamentary Elections. Our background has been extensive domestically in (9) different states, in State Senate, Gubernatorial, Congressional and Presidential campaigns.

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